Crisis-Scape: Athens and Beyond

Tracing and researching crisis-ridden urban public spaces in Athens, Greece.

The City at a Time of Crisis is a collective project that traces and researches the effects of the financial, sovereign and social crisis on public spaces in Athens, Greece. With its four interconnected research strands, the project looks at emergent socialities and shifting interaction in public spaces – from the Athenian metro to decaying Olympic infrastructure, from the forceful eviction of social spaces to the ever-shrinking spaces available to migrants in the city, and beyond. For the purpose of the conference that took place in Athens May 9th and 10th we had asked our guests to develop some thoughts based on an idea or a question that we posed them. In collecting their answers, we aimed to create a framework for the preparation of the conference itself, and to help outline those aspects of urban everydayness that we consider to be the most important for us to understand the questions posed by the city itself, at this moment of crisis.

Costis Hadjimichalis
Dimitris Dalakoglou
Dina Vaiou
Lia Yoka