Golden Dawn Watch: monitoring the trial against the neo-nazi Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Watch ( is an initiative to monitor the trial against Golden Dawn, organised by the Hellenic League for Human Rights, the Greek Observatory against Fascism and Racist Speech in the Media, which works under the Educational Foundation of ESIEA (Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers), the Antifascist League of Athens and Piraeus, and the City of Athens Migrants’ Integration Council.

On 20th April 2015 one of the most important trials in contemporary Greek history will begin. It is set to be a huge process that is expected to last several months.

Golden Dawn Watch’s aim:
• to make public all information concerning Golden Dawn’s actions and to illuminate all aspects of the trial
• for every citizen, in Greece and abroad, to have continuous and reliable information about everything that happens inside and outside of the courtroom throughout the duration of the trial
• to provide analysis from specialists, lawyers and the monitoring team of GDW

The initiative Golden Dawn Watch, through our accredited colleagues, will follow the court proceedings from the courtroom, each day, from the beginning to the end.

Because we believe that only a well-informed and sensitised public can develop a strong resistance against the spread of racism, fascism and Neo-Nazism and ultimately, against fear.

Golden Dawn Watch is also supported by other organisations, such as Generation 2.0, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and OLKE, and invites other organisations and institutions in Greece and abroad to support this initiative, because this trial concerns us all.