AnalyzeGreece! 1st-year anniversary celebration


AnalyzeGreece!  is celebrating its first-year anniversary! We are all very proud because we keep on Analyzing with the same enthusiasm and motivation as we had in our first meeting.

AnalyzeGreece! is an independent website that hosts analyses and alternative news from a critical left viewpoint. All published texts are about Greece and are exclusively in English, emphasizing issues such as Let-wing governance, the far-Right and Golden Dawn, racism, refugees and migrants, solidarity and resistance movements, democracy and Greco-European relations. Most of the articles come from Greek left intellectuals and activists and are either written originally in English or are translated by our team.

AnalyzeGreece!'s aim is to be a dependable medium of analysis and alternative news about Greece for a non-Greek speaking audience. By overcoming the language barrier, it seeks to create bridges among movements, collectives, intellectuals and journalists on the Left in Greece, Europe and beyond. For this reason we have already established relations with projects such as Lefteast, European Youth Press, ROAR magazine, Chronos and Jacobin.

During our first year we have tried to present an alternative critical view amidst the often confusing and conflicting information about Greece by publishing well-documented analysis, opinion and commentary pieces, many of which originally appeared in Greek, from a left-wing, grass roots perspective. ΑnalyzeGreece contains  articles (whether commissioned for the website or republished from other sources) on a great variety of topics such as Far Right, Solidarity-Resistance, Time of Crisis, Elections 25.01.2015, Gender and Sexuality, Greece/Europe, Immigrants, Rights and Racism, Culture in Time of Crisis, Land Grubbing and Urban Transformations, Referendum, This is a Coup-The Agreement, Politics, The Left in Government, Current Politics.

Furthermore, AnalyzeGreece! hosts interviews as well as videos by European and international activists, writers and intellectuals with whom it is in close contact and collaboration. In addition, it has expanded the work-in-progress called Solidarity Networks and it has endeavoured to index the huge number of differently-oriented solidarity movements which operate in Greece during this time of crisis.

Also, in its first year of operation, AnalyzeGreece! organized three open events/discussions:

1. “Golden Dawn Trial, an international event. Why does it matter to Greece and beyond”, speakers were Dimitris Christopoulos (Vice-President of the International Federation for Human Rights, Golden Dawn Watch observatory), Thanassis Kampagiannis (civil action representative at the Golden Dawn trial, member of Jail Golden Dawn initiative), Vassiliki Katrivanou (SYRIZA Member of Parliament, Council of Europe), Kevin Ovenden (journalist and writer, national officer of Unite Against Fascism UK), Athens, 06.05.2015

2. “Eurozone crisis and media coverage - between facts and national stereotypes: reporting from Greece” speakers were Eleni Colliopoulou (Greece correspondent for Agence France-Presse), Adéa Guillot (Greece correspondent for Le Monde/ARTE/Le Soir), Maria Margaronis (London correspondent for The Nation and a contributor to The Guardian and the BBC) and Marcus Walker (European economics editor for The Wall Street Journal),   Athens, 27.05.2015.

3. “Claiming voice: refugee and migrant rights and self-organization in host societies”, speakers were Pelin Tan (Associate Professor, Mardin Artukulu University, Turkey), Eshaq Shafaei (Human Book, Member of the Human Library, refugee from Afghanistan) and Vassilis Papastergiou (Lawyer, Board of Directors of the Athens Bar Association), Athens, 19.06.2015.From the very beginning, the aim of AnalyzeGreece! was to fill the gap in reliable analysis of Greek affairs from a left perspective. This gap remains large and we think that AnalyzeGreece!, despite its voluntary nature and limited resources, has contributed in bridging it, especially since there is no other similar website focusing specifically on Greece.

The numbers speak for themselves: The site has 10.000-15.000 unique visitors per month – and during peak periods such as the elections or The Referendum reached over 70.000 per month. Our Facebook page is also considerably popular. The monthly reach is 25.000-50.000, while some popular articles can reach over 6.000 views.

Recently, AnalyzeGreece! introduced the column Person of the Week (by Dimosthenis Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos). In the coming months, we will be looking to enhance our presence through the publication of a series of interviews covering different themes, continuing to publish current opinion and analysis, organising English-language events on current topics.
AnalyzeGreece can be found on Facebook and Twitter and delivers a weekly Newsletter via its mailing list.

We hope that AnalyzeGreece! continues to act as a link between Greek social movements and the people of the world and succeeds in cutting through the clichés and the caricatures, by offering left-wing analysis and comment on Greece’s efforts to make its way out of the crisis.

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