An "artistic installation" at the Greek Church's Headquarters

by  Quincey

Thessaloniki, 2.2.2016. The Thessaloniki headquarters of the Greek Orthodox Church became the location of an impromptu "artistic installation", produced by an unknown group of vandals.

The bishop of Thessaloniki is well-known for his ultra-nationalist and extremely homophobic positions, as well as his political interventionism.

Congrats to the Adorable Vandals for reminding us of the most rotten among the rotten Greek institutions. Not only the Greek church pays no taxes for its immense property, its clergy's salaries are paid by the State. The high-ranking priests are living luxurious lives, they're all fat like hippos despite that they supposedly feast 200 days a year.Let's hope that more - aesthetically pleasing - incidents such as the above will take place in the near future.
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