Roviros Manthoulis: Let’s prepare for new struggles

Roviros Manthoulis
I’m deeply moved. We would have been saved much wretchedness, if SYRIZA had been elected with this same percentage a few years earlier. It’s far too long if real changes in a country, not to mention the world, come every 50 years. I feel that these elections carry something of the atmosphere of the Resistance. During the German Occupation I was an organizer of secret elections in my neighborhood, in order to form the illegal Government of the Mountains (of the Greek Resistance) that assembled in Koryshades (in Mainland Greece). 
1.150.000 Greeks voted in those elections. I’ve never felt as moved as I did then (in 1944, 14 years’ old); until now. You should get ready for new struggles. It’s impossible to foresee what’s in store for Greece after this historical victory of the Left; because this victory is at the same time a savage defeat for the European Right.
Lastly, I’d like to express my admiration for the modesty that characterizes all leading figures of SYRIZA, and most of all Alexis Tsipras.
Roviros Manthoulis, is a film director

  • Translated by: N/A
  • The original text was first published on: Newspaper "I Avgi", 26.1.2015