Quincey: New Chapter in Game Theory: “Yourousi”

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by  Quincey
In a not so surprising move, our beloved Yanis Baroufakis (“Baroufa” in Greek means monstrous lie) resigned this morning, securing his position as the most popular Finance Minister in the global  history of Finance Ministers.

Varoufakis led the country's negotiations with the creditors in the 5-month chaos that followed SYRIZA’s election, adding an extreme dose of lunacy to the already delirious situation.

During the last few days of his mandate, he went even more rampant than usual, viciously trolling journalists, appearing in press conferences wearing gym t-shirts, stating that he has at hand a deal that he would sign, then mentioning that he's prepared the country for 4 months of siege, then adding that the deal with creditors will be signed one hour after the referendum result is issued, then proposing to print IoUs, then leaking to journos gentle reminders that Greece has the necessary equipment and machinery to print as many 20 euro notes as it wishes –  and so on.

A game theory expert, he put to practice, during the negotiations, his own particular version. One which deeply resonates with the Greek culture and may only be described by a term we stole from the Turkish language:  “Yourousi”.
Yourousi is the uncoordinated attack against random military opponents, without any sort of plan, strategy, tactic or army formation. The sole purpose of Yourousi is to confuse the opposing army and crush it whilst its generals try to understand “what the hell is their plan?”.

In his resignation statement, Varoufakis expressed his delight at being loathed by his Eurogroup colleagues, stated his full support to the SYRIZA government and Alexis Tsipras, and declared the referendum’s result as a “a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage”.

Undoubtedly, in the history books describing how Greece came about this “unique moment”, Yanis Varoufakis' name will be written in gold-plated letters.

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