The Fertilizer Plant of Drapetsona
The Fertilizer Plant is situated in the west entrance of the Piraeus port. It was found in 1909 and back then more than 109 buildings were created and more than 4,000 workers, employees and scientific advisors worked there. It was one of the largest industries in Greece. It produced fertilizers, chemical acids and glass.
The production started falling from 1970 onwards until it was permanently closed in 1999. In 2003 most of the industrial units and buildings, except from 5, were demolished.
Many political, economical and social factors have contributed to the fact that the premises of the old factory are abandoned (a few years ago even entering was prohibited) while the people that live in the area fight for the creation of a metropolitan park.
The operation of the plant affected the formation of the Drapetsona suburb, where more than 35,000 migrants and workers inhabited the area in makeshift shacks and booths.

About The Photographer
Alexia Giakoubini has studied Cultural Management. Her involvement with photography started with the attendance of the Photographic Cycle seminar taught by Platonas Rivellis followed by the two-year program on black and white photography theory and practice of the municipality of Zografou, taught by Nikos Dimolitsas.

Her photos have been published on the online journal x-pressed (June 2013), the online magazine Chronos(Sep. 2014) and the newspaper Avgi (Sept. 2014). On September 2014 she participated on a group exhibition titled “Cities within cities” in Booze Cooperativa Athens.