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Cutting through the clichés and the caricatures, AnalyzeGreece! reports to English-language readers from the frontline of a crisis.

The crisis is multifaceted. We highlight the resurgence of the far-right in Greece, while also scrutinizing increases in poverty and unemployment, the ebbing away of human rights, the marked shrinking of the public sphere as land and other publicly owned goods are sold off, the deepening of social exclusion and the explosion in inequality. These are among the symptoms of austerity politics of the 21st century, with ‘public debt’ used as a pretext for drastically restructuring Greek social life.

As writers and organizers of the Left, we seek to grab hold of the narratives told about Greece and to change them. Bringing urgent texts – written, oral or visual – to the attention of people across the world, we aim to circumvent the politics of the mainstream media to share stories of living, coping and struggling through the Greek crisis. As the public sphere is butchered, this is our own public arena for the dissemination of information, but also for thinking, reading, working and fighting together. We exist to fill a gap; while iterations of crisis and resistance abound in Greece, much is lost in translation. Analyze Greece! provides a link between Greek social movements and the people of the world.

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Editorial Board:  (October 2015 - ): Despina Biri, Stratis Bournazos, Giannis Hatzidimitrakis, Dimosthenis Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos, Magdalini Varoucha

[Editorial Board, January 2015-Semptember 2015: Manos Avgeridis, Dimitris Ioannou, Stratis Bournazos, Ioanna Meitani, Maria Kalantzopoulou, Kostis Karpozilos, Dimosthenis Papadatos-Anagnostopoulos]

Copyediting/proofreading:  Alexia Giakoubini,  Chloe Howe-Haralambous, Eliana Voutsadakis, Alexandra Zavos

Τranslation: The translation team of Analyze Greece! consists of 60 people, all on a volunteer basis. Τhe name of the translator appears at the end of each article. Up to this point articles have been translated by:
Antonis Baltas
Anastasia Chalkia
Costas Dolgeras
Thomi Gaki
Renia Giordambli
Dimitris Ioannou
George Kazantzidis
Anastasia Lambropoulou
Olga Lafazani
Ioulia Livaditi
Giannis Margaris
Iraklis Oikonomou
Elli Papadopoulou
Kallirroi Parousi
Maria Pervolaraki
Christos Soldatos
Michalis Sotiropoulos
Christos Triantafylloy
Magdalini Varoucha
Fotis Venetis
Marcos Vogiatzoglou
Mary Zambetaki

Administration: Giannis Hatzidimitrakis

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Analyze Greece! is a joint project of Enthemata Avgis  and Red Notebook.
Enthemata is the Sunday supplement of Avgi –the daily newspaper of the Greek Left– devoted to critical analysis and political debate.
Red Notebook is a leading website of the Greek Left offering analysis and commentary on contemporary events.

We thank Onscreen Web Services, and especially Aris Datsis and Yannis Sideris, for voluntarily creating and maintaining the Analyze Greece website.