Photography - Anna Maria Hadjistephanou

Anna Maria Hadjistephanou - Encircling urban landscapes
Drapetsona, Aspropyrgos, Schisto, Liossia
Around all major cities, hidden and ignored by the majority, are areas which contain elements that build up their contemporary historical profiles. These areas, usually bare of human presence, denote a previous life that had slowly become a huge industrial monument.

The photographs present and glorify these monuments in an effort to establish their right of existence within the Modern History of every city. The detached frames of the photographs create on their own a historical narrative distinctive, but all too often surprisingly similar, to every city.

About The Photographer
Anna Maria Hadjistephanou born in Cairo, Egypt, she possesses a BA honours in Communication Design, specialised in photography. She holds an MA in education and an RSA diploma in Teaching English. She has been working as a photographer, teacher and translator. She lives and works in Athens.
She has participated in many group exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki and has had five solo shows in the last seven years. Her last solo show, "A Film Journey", on Giannis Oikonomidis film: Stratos", at the Greek Film Archive-Film Museum, was also published by Gavriilidis Publications.